A SIP Trunk is a software based phone line.

The big difference between a SIP trunk, and a phone line is that the number of available lines can be flexibly adjusted.

With a SIP trunk you can connect your telephone exchange to the public network. You would not have the need for an ISDN lijn anymore. Golden Hightech Ltd can reduce call charges to a significantly lower cost, which can reach up to 70 %. You can also setup a call via a SIP Trunk via the internet instead of via a PSTN network.

Because all of your branches are connected to one telephony network, this gives your employees the opportunity to make free calls to each other.This includes a link to a SIP Trunk and hosted IP PBX Golden Hightech Ltd.

Benefits of Golden Hightech Ltd SIP Trunk

  • Reduced call charges within the Netherlands
  • Reduced call charges outside the Netherlands up to 70%
  • ISDN lines can be terminated
  • Preserving numbers


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