Without worries you can send and receive emails without SPAM.

Electronic message exchanges, better known as email, is of great importance for businesses.

There is the threat of viruses and unwanted email that can enter your internet system.

This can result in businesses coming to a standstill.
You can be prevent this from happening by making use of Golden Hightech Anti-virus/SPAM service.

You then will receive only mail that you expect, without any unpleasant surprises.

The benefits of using Golden Hightech Anti-virus /Spam service:

Every mail that you receive, will first be delivered to our servers.

Our servers will then examine the mail based on the different blacklists, virus definitions and language use.

These definitions are refreshed every hour.

If a contamination has already been taken place, then the contamination remains on our servers and your machines remains uninfected.


For more information, please contact our account managers at: 010- 880-888-001 or send us a mail at: sales@goldenhightech.com