With the Virtual Private Network VPN of Golden Hightech Ltd, you can connect multiple locations together. Homeworkers can also login to their own corporate network. There are various possible ways of doing this, namely ADSL and/or fibre optic connection. We provide standard VPN connections in the Benelux, but also outside the Benelux we work together with other carriers. We manage the enitre network from our secure datacenter.

The benefits of a VPN connection is, data can be stored on 1 location, eventually in our data center. Another benefit of having a VPN connection is that traffic on the various connections can be transported. The bandwidth is also easily scalable and the network is suitable for Hosted Voip. In addition, there is a fixed amount per month for the VPN solution that entails a significant cost savings.

For more information about the possibilities of VPN solutions, you can contact our sales department at: