Golden Hightech Ltd delivers service numbers in the Benelux at low prices.

Service number are geographic numbers, 0800, 0900 and 088 numbers.
Incoming telephone traffic is delivered to a service number.

The service number is linked to our platform, where the traffic is handled by an application and will eventually transferred to a final destination.
An example of a simple application is, a choice menu in which the caller can choose various options.
A company can apply for a 0800 number (free for the caller) at Golden Hightech Ltd.

A 0800 number is often purchased to lower the threshold for the caller. The costs of the caller will be charged to the owner of the number.
With a 0900 number the rates can differ from € 0,01 t/m € 0.80.

The choice of the rate depends on the service agreement.

The caller pays for the calls.
When using a 088- and geographic numbers, the cost for the local rate is paid.

088 rural numbers are used by companies that would like to have 1 access number.

Geographic numbers, on the other hand, are region bound.

If you want more information about service numbers, please contact our sales department or call us at +31 (0) 88 088 8001